Jul 18

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Why the Label “Mild Depression” Can Be Misleading

Why the Label "Mild Depression" Can Be Misleading

Why the Label “Mild Depression” Can Be Misleading

Does “Mild Depression” exist, or is it simply misleading and confusing people? It is sometimes used to describe people who do not have severe symptoms. However, it may be creating unnecessary misunderstandings and actually putting people at risk for not getting help.

What Is “Mild Depression”?

This type of depression tends to describe depression that does not have severe symptoms. It may not require professional help for treatment in all cases. In addition, symptoms may not have an enormous impact on daily activities. However, mild depression should not be ignored.

Is the Term “Mild Depression” Confusing People?

The term may be confusing some people. First, it makes the condition sound as if it is not serious. However, even having a small episode of depression can interfere with a person’s ability to do tasks and interact with others. Second, it may discourage people from seeking help. They may feel that such a minor case of depression does not deserve or require professional help. Although some cases do not need outside interference, getting therapy may benefit others who have depression of any level of severity.

Know the Symptoms

The symptoms of depression can vary, but you should be aware of them. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) shares that depression can escalate quickly and become more severe.

The most common symptoms of depression include:

  • Ongoing feelings of sadness and anxiety that do not stop

  • Feeling worthless, hopeless, guilty and ashamed

  • Losing interest in normal activities

  • Fatigue

  • Thinking about suicide

  • Not being able to concentrate or think

  • Serious changes in eating or sleeping habits

  • Physical problems such as aches and pain

Whether you believe your depression is mild, moderate or severe, it is important to reach out for help. Consider talking to a trusted family member or friend. Also, talk to your doctor or other health care provider for recommendations.

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    I can see how the term “mild depression” can give a person a steer in the wrong direction, towards ignoring or downplaying how they or their loved one feels.

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